Leigh McGlone

I am one of the new DJs which have joined the great radio station Soul Groove Radio. I’m a mobile DJ, and have been, off and on for over 22 years, I started DJ-ing at age of 15 and yes… I used to carry all those boxes of vinyl around.

Just before the lock down, a good friend of mine told me that Soul Groove Radio were looking for DJs, I applied and to my surprise they asked me to join – wow!

I have every Sunday Morning show from 10.00 am until 12 noon, which is called a ‘Whole Lot of Soul’. In this show I do asked the listeners to take part in my ‘Two from One’, where you can have two tracks from any soul band or artist. 

Radio DJ-ing, is so much fun for me, reacting with the listeners, with the funny comments and great banter. Joining Soul Groove Radio is like having a great big soul family, plus having all the management and DJs giving their support during my shows.’

A big thanks for listening…..


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