Clive Lee

Why do I love soul music, easy my Mum and Dad there was always Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billy Eckstine (Passing Strangers still the best thing ever) ,The Platters and Qunicy Jones being played in the house.

I started DJing at 16 and was taught by a great DJ called Mick Loades. I worked on weddings, work socials all the usual places.

After a few years I said I really wanted to do a soul night this would have been about 1972. I can still hear him say who wants to listen to that music all night. I started doing the odd nights around Hertfordshire then someone offered me a Wednesday night at a place in Stevenage called The Pyramid after a couple of weeks we were doing Monday and Friday for about 2 or 3  years selling out on both nights. Saturday nights I would guest at local venues.

In the mid eighties I fell out of love with it all and stopped. Then about 10 years ago a friend kept onto me to come and do a spot and here we are today. Still mad about soul, jazz, funk and soulful house music, spending far too much time looking for new and old tunes I have never heard.

Find me on Saturday from 4pm to 6pm for my ‘Soul From The Shack’ show.

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