Diane Marsh

I’m Diane Marsh and as well as being a successful Singer/Songwriter Producer & Recording Artist, I have also been part of the Soul Groove Radio Team for over two years.

I started off with my Divas Disco Groove Mix from 6-8 UK time every Saturday nite 

Which is a non stop Mix of grooves that starts off nice Smoothe & Sexy to gradually building up speed to the point where you wanna Kick those slippers off. Move that Sofa and get your groove on .. .and since The Lockdown Situation  I have also added another Show @ SGR which I am gaining more listeners through. and that is 

The NiteCap Mix 10-Midnight UK time every Friday evening 

It’s my way of helping you wind down after a busy or stressful wk .. have your Beverage ready and relax and listen to some of the most relaxing grooves in the style of Sensual Soul. Flirtatious Funk & Romantic R&B.

I love to chat live throughout my mixes with my listeners on the Official Soul Groove Radio Page.

Hope you can join me for my 3 shows each week…. Your support is truly appreciated.


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