Loraine Clancy

My love of soul music goes way back into my early childhood…listening to my mum playing Gladys Knight, The Drifters, Isaac Hayes, The Stylistics, Johnny Mathis on the lounge stereo. The crackle of the needle on the rotating vinyl disc and then there was magic! 

Like so many people those early childhood sounds are still the ones that I love so much now. Into the eighties and my teenage years. So much fabulous music that completely cemented my love of Soul as a genre. When school friends were firmly into the New Romantics, I was a Luther and Freddie Jackson girl! 

The inspiration for the Love Lounge’s monthly show, It’s Time for Love, started with a conversation about 80s soul nights and the wonderful slow tracks that you’d hear once all the serious dancing had been done. You know the ones…the boy comes over and asks the girl for a slow dance (or if super brave the girl might ask the boy!) The songs that love was made, relationships were born, hearts were broken and memories made. Whatever the occasion we all have our own songs, special to us.

So followed the idea, two hours of radio packed full of love songs and mellow sounds (new and old). Not much DJ chat, just an opportunity to lose oneself in fantastic music and meaningful lyrics that do all of the talking that’s needed anyway.

My show ‘Love Lounge’ is on the 3rd Thursday each month.


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