Moochie Alfonso

I grew up surrounded by music. A fanatic of R&B/Soul.

Moochie Alfonso has not only established himself as one

of the most knowledgeable, consistent, and respected DJ,

but also as a music curator focusing on promoting 

independent artists. 

In 2023 he listened to over 100music submissions and wrote 

constructive feedback. The official website of Groover [1]

 listed Moochie as curator with high answer rate and high
sharing rate who provided airplay opportunities to over 15% 

of the tracks received and gave feedback to more than 90% 

of music received.

Moochie’s deep appreciation of music and versatility allow 

him to effortlessly adapt and showcase soulful, energetic 

track selections. He is no stranger to playing weddings, 

private parties, and corporate events.

In early 2022 Moochie began hosting New Music Segment 

(a.k.a.) Groove Outlet as platform for new and aspiring 

independent artists to showcase their music on Groove 

Outlet Radio show.

Get grooving and join the weekly scheduled live broadcast on Soul  Groove Radio Mondays: 2pm – 4pm UK for my ‘Moochie Alfonso – Indie Show Rhythms’ show and Wednesdays: 4pm – 6pm UK for my ‘Groove Outlet’ show.

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