Steve Aggasild

I was born & raised in Aberdeen, Scotland, started DJ’ing at the tender age of around 16, but I only started getting into soul music from around the mid 70’s but I’m sure it was hearing the early Motown & Stax & Philly songs on radio that really got me hooked. 

Travelling to the legendary alldayers at The Highland Room at Blackpool Mecca & Manchester Ritz was, despite the incredibly  long journey back in the mid 70’s, just increased the thirst to hear more soul music, despite the geographical disadvantage of the North East of Scotland. Locally there was an abundance of great  soul gigs which I got involved in, along with one fellow DJ being the hugely well know & respected DJ Billy Davidson, who of course went on to become one of the mainstay DJ’s at the legendary Southport weekenders alongside many other venues Billy was invited to play at DJ’ing for me led to a path in radio. 

Firstly, hospital broadcasting then when Aberdeen was awarded it’s own radio licence to broadcast in mid 1981 and knowing some of the presenters there, I started hassling them to get in front of the management. A desire to play soul music on radio and much patience  led to the first show on Northsound Radio in April 1982 where,  through some station idents that were recorded for me, I quickly became known as The Soul Master, which still sticks to this day. 

Through full time overseas work commitments, I eventually had to  leave Northsound in 2012, coinciding with my 30th anniversary with  the station, a record which to this day is hard to beat. 

I was also at the legendary Southport Weekenders.

You can catch me on my ‘Soul & Jazz Flavas’ show every Monday at 6pm.

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